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Gel Nails & Acrylics

CND Shellac offers the finest workability and wear available today. The leader in durability, simplicity and appearance requiring no drying time and without smudging, peeling, chipping or ever losing its shine. 

As the nail industry’s most innovative brand, CND™ has been leading the way in professional nail, hand and foot beauty for more than 35 years.
Founded in California in 1979, CND was the first company to bring Gel colour to the nail industry

CND Shellac gel manicure  OR  pedicure            £25

Groomed Cuticles, reshaping of nails, followed by colour gloss gel with:

  • NO nail damage
  • 14 days+ of high performance wear 
  • zero dry time
  • Stunning Crystal shine


CND Shellac gel Pedicure                          £25              

Additional removal of hard skin                £3 

CND Shellac gel removal                            £6

CND Shellac removal plus new set             £27

CND Shellac lacquer change only               £17


Acrylics                                                On quotation 


Gel Nails & Acrylics