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Eyebrow threading defines and creates straight lines while hair is extracted at the follicle level. It is a skilled art and our specialist has over 26 years of experience in the treatment.

Threading is seen as a relatively new technique of hair removal in the West. However, it has been practiced for many years in the East. We follow the contours of your brow bone to create the most flattering eyebrow shape customised for you.

Eyebrow threading instantly makes eyes appear larger and lifted, while maintained eyebrows project a sharper, well-groomed and polished overall image instantly. And after treatment, eyebrow hair often returns thinner and at a much slower rate.

How Threading Works

Threading works by passing cotton thread along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, which traps the hair in a mini lasso, lifting it from the follicle.

This process uses no harmful chemicals as only a cotton thread is involved, and is less aggressive than waxing, making it ideal for sensitive skin by letting it retain its natural glow without falling victim to premature lines and wrinkles. Threading can also be used to eliminate unwanted hair growth on any part of the face.

It is also commonly used to combat hair growth around the upper-lip and chin area. Because the hair is removed at the follicle, the technique provides long-lasting results of up to 6 weeks.

  • Eyebrow threading                           £11
  • Full-face threading                           £11
  • Lip and chin threading                 £8
  • Lip threading                                     £6
  • Chin threading                              £4