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Perfectly shaped brows and smooth skin are just an appointmnet away!

We use a Smooth Aloe Vera Wax, which is formulated to relax the hair shaft for easy hair removal and infused with aloe vera to cool and moisturise the skin and reduce irritation.

Aloe Vera wax is ideal for fine to medium-fine hair, dehydrated skin and all other types of skin. It is also great on delicate and sensitive skin areas such as chest and underarm. The benefits of using this wax is minimal client discomfort.

Our Services

If you’re unsure which of our services would best suit you, we’re happy to offer a free consultation in the salon.

  • Eyebrow Wax                                         £8
  • Lip Wax                                                   £7
  • Chin Wax                                                £7
  • Lip & Chin Wax                                      £11
  • Full-Leg Wax                                          £22
  • Full-Leg Wax including Bikini              £32
  • 1/2 Leg Wax                                            £15
  • Thigh Wax                                               £17
  • Standard Bikini Wax                              £12
  • Extended Bikini Wax, from                   £17
  • Underarm Wax                                       £10
  • Forearm Wax                                          £14
  • Full-Arm Wax                                          £17
  • 1/2 Back Wax                                          £17
  • Full-Back Wax                                        £22
  • Chest & Abdomen Wax                         £22

Intimate Waxing

Are you up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and developments in the world of intimate waxing? Relax, no need to worry. We’ve chosen the finest manufacturer of high quality waxing products.

Whether you want all hair off or anything in between, our waxing specialist is happy to oblige. Don’t be shy, tell us what hair you want removing and we’ll take it off for you in the most pain-free way possible.

Our beauty therapist has been trained by UK’s leading authority on extreme waxing who has developed techniques that are now being used worldwide. With this, we have the perfect recipe for a safer, super-smooth result.

The new generation of non-strip waxes have revolutionised the face of intimate waxing with their advanced formulations, low temperature technology and unique “shrink wrapping” powers are an absolute must for a Hollywood, Brazilian.

These avant-garde non-strip waxes display their prime superiority during treatment in adhering only to the hair and not the skin by “shrink wrapping” the hairs.

Their low-temperature, cutting-edge quality reduces pain and minimises the risk of ingrown hairs.

  • Hollywood or Brazilian Waxing                              £29